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Had a meeting last night to meet the group. I great mix of people on the group!! Met the girl that is staying in my room. Andrea.. poor thing has had a rough trip. she is australian from melb but living in england. She has nothing on the trip as her bags are currently in amsterdam.
Meeting went well, got all the prices for the extra options for the trip. i had a look and really want to do most of them. I listen to it all and at the end there was an option of an upgrade to a 5 star cruise along the nile for 3 nights. so the cruise included all i wanted to do and more... plus accommodation on a boat and an extra 6 meals for an extra $60- so the total extras came to a total of $180... so i decided to do it... im only here now... so why not
So today we are off to Giza, the museum and then we were going by overnight travel to Luxor however trains are not running as there is only 1 train line down to the south and one up to the north... and apparently there was a crash or something so i am sort of glad i am not going on the thing. So we are busing it down leaving some time early evening. So thats the plan for the next day... After that i dont know what is happening... take it as it comes cos it wont be organised at the rest... so i will enjoy it now.

Take care all,

Mum i will be fine
Rowan i will be fine...

Have bought some presents already... not much though...

Cant wait for today to start.
Getting on the bus at 8:30 this morning... yay

Talk soon,
Anna xoxo

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1st day in Cairo


1st day-
Woke up and went to breakfast at the hotel... sitting there by myself when i saw 2 aussi girls walk in... They said hi, so at the end of breakfast i went over and had a chat to them... started talking and it seems that they are on the same tour as me... which is awesome. They had been in cairo a day long than me and had organised a private taxi to see cairo for the day. They asked me to tag along which was awesome. I decided to go.. why not - when in rome... he he he.
So we spent the day looking at mosques and museums, bizrs and a perfume shop. We left at 9am and go back at 6pm.. Crazy day. Saw a man get bashed because his car ran into the back of another, that was pretty scary. But over all the people seem lovely. I hope the girls are on my tour they are lovely. Stacy and 'Brown' - forgotten her first name. but thats ok it reminds me of rowan.
Ok im off for a drink... and dinner before our tour meets for the first time at 9pm.

How exciting.

Talk soon guys... love you all!!!

Im happy my ATM card works- which i was stressing about..

Talk soon..

Anna xoxo

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Hi Everyone,

I ahv made it to dubai, i am safe but very tired. I have 3 more hours before my flight leaves for Egypt.
Will udpdate when i can|!

Take care, i am!!

Sorry but not missing you yet!

Shane- not a bad run i hear.... well done!

Talk soon guys.

Over and out.


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Melb airport

Here I go

Ok guys, I'm off the emirates ladies look awesome, the plane looks Luke it will fly, and I'm set!!! Leaving in 50mins!!
I found a book to read don't know how good it will be but I'm going to try and finish it!!
Thanks everyone for your thoughts, but as Rowan said as I was leaving.
Be excited it's a holiday it shouldn't be a punishment!! Go have fun!! Thanks Rowan! Love to all
talk soon!! Ciao for now!!

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2 sleeps


Wow, it is now so close i am freaking out a little,

Hair is done, bag is packed, visas, passport and tickets organised!

All that left is to say my 'c ya laters' and get on the plane!!!


Cant wait to get on that plane and have a drink... bring on the holidays!

Next time i speak to you i will be somewhere else other than Aussie land!!!

Ciao for now,

Anna xoxo

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