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hey guys, im in algeria. what a beautiful country.. have had many of bus rides great fun...... not.
hope all is good at home not long now until i will be back annoying the shit out of you all again... he he he
take care, im off to morocco on the 14th cant wait... bye for now, love you all... xoxoxoxoxo

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new years eve

hey all,
HAPPY NEW YEAR! well it is at home.... hope you all had many drinks and an awesome time.

i have spent the last 2 days relaxing in the sun, looking through markets and sitting in cafes
the lady who i am staying with has organised an excursion for me to to trek into the desert, i will see stuff i guess... well i will see where star wars was filled.... so that will be good
i will then make my way up the east coast to tunis getting there by the 6th for my flight out to algiers...
i will see the colloseum where gladiator was filmed, well i will be wel informed of films when i get back...
so tonight for new years eve the place where i am staying is puttin on a feast which is nice there is only 2 other people staying there tonight, last night i was the only guest - quiet season... today i walked around houmt souk which was nice, found a few people speaking english which was good.
anyway off to enjoy the sun shine... while it is still here, that is the only annoying thing about this part of the world the sun it down about 5pmish


love you all,


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What a beautiful place

arrived last night in tunisia, after a long day of flying and in airports.
Room is beautiful i feel like a queen, Alex the lady who runs the accomm is lovely, she is organising a day excursion for me to go into the desert. then i will make my way up to sousse for one night and then tunis for one night. Tunisia is lovely i feel really safe, a lot more relaxed than egypt.
Anyway im currently looking for accommodation so i better get back to it.
Take care all im really excited about this next part of the trip looks great.

Talk soon,


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Last day in Cairo

bring it on


Last day in Cairo before flying out tmorrow, i spent the night in the hotel, needed time to chill.
I am going to go and see Cairo tower today, dont know whatelse, figure it out when i get there.
Mum-I havent been writing in my travel diary much, but i have many photos and tickets and things to remember where i have been, but i have been to so many places its hard to remeber them all, and remember they have weird names so being able to type them off the top of my head is a bit of a problem.

Topdeck have organised my airport transfer which is good all i need to do is get there. And get a tunisian visa... Once i arrive in Tunis i will be waiting for my next flight to Djerba, the flight is at about 17:00 and it takes about 1 1/2 hours.
My accommodation will be picking me up... well they better...

When i get to Tunisia i will try and upload some photos.
I have had a great time in Egyp, however looking forward to see Tunisia and the other countries.

Take care all,

Talk again soon,

Anna xoxo

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End of tour-

sorry, havent been able to acess net

Hi everyone,
Well i am back in Cairo after a beautiful fun filled week.
I have been from top to bottom of Egypt, and now i am back in cairo and ready to move onto Tunisia.
I have enjoyed all aspects of the trip so far.
I have visited Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, and other little places along the way. I spent 3 nights cruising down the nile from Aswan to Luxor. It was surreal, took a while to sink in that i was on the nile and let alone in Egypt.
I have met some great people along the way from all walks of life and around the globe.
Today i was able to relax and catch up on sleep.
Tomorrow is my last full day in Egypt before moving on, on Tuesday mid day my time.
Hope you all had a great Christmas full of food and fun.
The cruise boat put on a christmas dinner for us. it was massive- that was on christmas eve night.
Dont really have much else to say, due to my falling behind of contact.
My favourite place was Luzor, it was a lot quieter than Cairo and the markets were pretty cute.
The tour guides were awesome, Rafik, Mina and Daniel. I learnt alot about the culture from Rafik while sitting down drinking turkish coffee and having traditional food.. very nice man.
Anyway i am off i will try and keep this up to date as much as i possibly can..
Take care all, I am fine, having a good time.
Anna xoxo

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